Monday, 18 July 2011

St. Kilda Community Gardens Sight Obstruction Project

Material: Plain Organza, Crystal Organza, Steel, (opt) Resin Covered Maple Tree Seed Pods, Resin Covered Vine and 
Plastic Bird Netting.

This piece focuses on the inability to see threw the various forms of netting and fencing in the St. Kilda Community Gardens. This obstruction of view, lead to me to create a fascinator that is difficult to see through but not impossible, much like the netting/fencing in the gardens. I used both black plain organza (100% polyester) and crystal organza (100% nylon), that I burnt various small holes into to create the blindfold part of the fascinator. This would form the main hindrance of sight. On the blindfold sits a black bird netting veil. I used a small section of black bird netting from the gardens that a kind gardener let me have. The netting I melted in a similar fashion to the blindfold. I included the bird netting as I felt this let the piece be directly linked to the gardens. To keep the two parts together I created chopsticks, one representing the manmade in the garden and the other representing the natural: two elements that intertwine throughout the gardens. The manmade in a steel box on a steel rod, that represents the containers used throughout the gardens to prevent birds from eating and destroying what was underneath them. The natural is a vine taken from the grape vines in the gardens and that was then dried and covered in resin. The wearer must choose which chopstick to wear with the other two parts of the fascinator. 

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