Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Material: Brass
Ring Size: O (Aus) 55mm
Weight approx: 28g
Height: 3mm
Width: 60mm
Length: 45mm

Requiring no soldering, this piece was inspired by the constant movement of the space surrounding fingers. Three circular forms are adapted to best fit three fingers by minimizing the size underneath the ring and flowing smoothly across the two fingers either side of the finger the ring is worn on. Each piece of the ring has had a length of brass removed that varies in position between each piece. Thus when the rings are worn together the impression of movement from one piece to the next is created. This gives the piece movement. However should one of the pieces be worn out of line, movement becomes discontinuous and disconcerting. Therefore each piece is numbered with 1-3 indented dots: 1 dot representing the first piece to be worn closest to the tips of the fingers, 2 dots representing the piece to be worn second from the tips of the fingers (in the middle of the two pieces) and 3 dots representing the piece to be worn third from the tips of the fingers. However on presenting this piece to friends the wondrous phenomena that is individual interpretation was witnessed as many ways to wear these three forms were created and some are depicted above.

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