Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gijs Bakker- Body is First

 “First comes the object, then the body. Gijs Bakker thinks there are dangers in this approach, because some jewels only assume their meaning from the body. He has in mind those aluminium collars that adapt themselves to the wearer’s neck. The cage affair (Profile Jewel) that he designed in 1974 especially for his wife Emmy van Leersum cannot be conceived without Emmy’s profile.”
Antje von Graevenitz, “Communicating Mentalities: A Rhetoric of Dutch Jewelry 1950-2000,” in Jewels of Mind and Mentality, Dutch Jewelry Design: 1950-2000, ed. Yvónne G.J.M. Joris (Amsterdam, 010 publishers, 2000), p-66.
Large Collar, 1967
Profile Ornament for Emmy van Leersum, 1974
Stainless Steel
Embrace Necklace, 1982

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