Friday, 15 July 2011

Claw Extension

Metal: Silver Ring Band and Wire
Other Material: Crab Claw
Ring size: O (Aus) 55mm
Weight approx: 8g
Height: 15mm
Width: 18mm
Length: 29mm

Corrected claw positioning (19/07/'11):

Original Images:

This piece demonstrates the possibility of extending the body, in this case with a crab claw. The claw is attached to the ring via a two ended piece of silver wire with hooks at the ends and held in place by resin that filled the claw’s cavities. The resin was allowed to solidify by blocking all the gaps between the claw's ligaments with putty.


  1. Why did you take the photo from your pinky?

  2. Fair point. I agree that the natural curvature of claw and practicality of the extension would require the ring to be worn on the pinky. New photos have been posted correcting this. Thank you for your keen observation.