Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Links Ring

Metal: Silver Ring Band and plating
Gem stones: amber and shards of iron ore
Ring size: Q (Aus) 57mm
Weight approx: 9g
Height: 17mm
Width: 29mm
Length: 37mm

I was inspired by a link ring in Links London Sweeties Collection. However unlike the London Links rings, I wanted to create a ring that sits comfortably over two fingers, preferably the ring base would be on the ring finger and the ring links would flow over to the little finger. However the question was raised of how to make one’s eye stay on the piece and not follow the links flow from the ring off the finger. I sort to solve this problem by adding two circular plates: one holding resin covered shards of iron ore and the other an amber stone covered in resin and adorned in tiny iron ore pieces to tie the bright amber back into the rest of the piece.

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