Monday, 18 July 2011

Pipe Ring

Material: Brass, Cut 4.5mm and 5mm Diameter Garnets and Heat Shrink Inner Tubing. 
Ring size: O (Aus) 55mm
Weight approx: 38g
Height: 20mm
Width: 69mm
Length: 49mm

This is the third and final piece that resulted from my exploration of the St. Kilda Community Gardens. This piece was based on the requirement of water in the gardens and the use of pipe connections to allow the water to circulate. Here a pipe connection, represented by the brass ring, is given an organic form by tapering one end of the ring to fit the finger more comfortably and by squashing the two brass tubes. Thus the man-made becomes natural. The natural becomes man-made by the cut garnets that in mythology represent the life of pomegranates. The garnet plants have stems made of heat shrunk inner tubing around brass wire. Therefore like the merging of nature and manmade in the gardens, here too does the natural and manmade intertwine.

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