Friday, 22 July 2011

The Natural Fetishism of a Castor Oil Seed Pod

Material: Brass and Copper
Weight approx: 221g
Height: 90mm
Width: 75mm
Length: 75mm

This container was inspired by the notorious weed, the castor oil plant. The spikes were individually formed from a brass rod and a single copper spike is included. The compartments were created from 20mmx20mm brass tubing and brass sheet was transformed into the top and bottom lids with a individual bezel for each compartment. The finely sharpened points make the container highly uncomfortable to handle; presenting little desire to pick it up Therefore like the weed, it can be seen as an undesirable object, however it is made into something that is generally considered practical; a container. This mockery of the practical, a paradox in itself, allows the container to sink into the world of fetishism. Furthermore a single copper spike highlights the notion that something is amiss with the piece.