Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fourth Final: Mild Steel, Sandblasted Rings and Silicone and Rare Earth Magnet Attachments

Through this piece I was able to question the position of rings. Who says that rings have to be bound to the finger? Why can’t they become a brooch or a brooch backing or simply a thing? Here I have attempted to free the ring, through the use of rare earth magnets. The rings are made of mild steel that has been sand blasted and covered in a wax polish to prevent the wearer's finger from turning green if the wearer chooses to wear these pieces as rings.

Ring size: AUS:Q/R (58.2mm-58.9mm)
Left silicone circle: 32mm x 32mm
Middle silicone circle: 34mm x 34mm
Right silicone circle: 27mm x 27mm

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