Friday, 11 November 2011

Final Critical Breakdown 2

            Donna Haraway in her “A cyborg manifesto science, technology and social-feminism in the late twentieth century”(1991) comments on  three critical breakdowns in history that demonstrates that we are moving towards a cyborg era. This piece comments on the second critical breakdown: the blurry distinction between organisms as a whole and machines. This piece attempts to blur the boundary between machine and organism by commenting on how we attempt to transform our organically shaped fingertips to touch things that are very geometric. For example the square keys of a key board. Thus this piece highlights the possibility of our finger tips one day turning into a geometric shape, that would better suit our uses.
            In creating this piece I attempted to make it appear as mechanical as I could. Like many machines the piece can come apart into smaller components, pieces must be replaced such as the inner tubing, it has function and movement through the rotation of the wing nuts on the threaded bolts and the more mechanical materials of inner tubing and mild steel are used. This piece creates an interesting sensation when worn as it changes the shape of the finger pad to square. Moreover when it is taken off it leaves a reminder of the impact it has had on the body.

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