Sunday, 20 November 2011

First Final: Silicone and Rare Earth Magnet Spheres

With these pieces I simply wanted to depict the beauty of the silicone. I used RTV-2 silicone as I wanted stretchy, translucent silicone that I could use to represent the life under our clothing- our skin. To convey this double skin message some of the pieces incorporate a flesh tint. Furthermore to draw the pieces away from simply being a representation of skin, 650 Micropearl pigment powder was adding to highlight the ornamental nature of the pieces as jewellery. The small rare earth magnets allowed me to depict the silicone without hindrance of an attachment. However they still created a presence. By this I mean when you wear the piece as an extension on clothing you can still see and feel how it is attached as the rare earth magnet protrudes from behind the clothing, pushing the circular silicone form out. One difficulty with these pieces was the curing time. Using it too soon and it became to viscous and wouldn’t securely enough set the rare earth magnet and using it to late it would become too unmalleable to run into a smooth circular form. Thus I slowly formed the circles adding to them after a period of time and then again, however this resulted in lumpy rings in some of the earlier trials.
40mm x 40mm x 5mm

40mm x 40mm x 5mm

37mm x 38mm 5mm

46mm x 44mm x 5mm

34mm x 34mm x 5mm

37mm x 37mm x 5mm

60mm x 55mm x 5mm

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