Monday, 18 June 2012

Final Silicone Rings

RTV Silicone, sterling silver, pearl powder pigment and resin pigment

These pieces aim to show the movement of the silicone as it sets, how it flows in and around the perforated, cast, sterling silver, circular form. After many trials I found the right ratio between the two parts of the silicone and resin pigment. Therefore I was able to incorporate some crazy fluorescent colours to make my little worlds ;)

pearl pigment powder

resin pigment

resin pigment

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  1. Silicone wedding rings offers a handful of models, each differentiated by the design stamped on the band. You can pick from Quality, with its crossed hammers, Love, with it's heart, or Outdoors, with a jaunty compass needle. Men's rings are slightly wider than the women's design, and both can be had in a rainbow of colors. I wound up with a black Quality model.